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en’wave in business and the workplace

Increasingly, companies are attempting to help employees cope with stress in their workplace environment. The encouragement of employees to exercise, stop smoking, seek weight loss management, stress handling and behavioral modification programs have been implemented or are being discussed at the management levels for activation.

en’ wave offers a unique approach to stress reduction and self-help.The simple but very effective postural modifications, breathing and internal focus and relaxation that are trained quickly alter the behaviors, decisions and the mental/physical health of an employee. Positive work environments, improved morale and empowering one to release stresses will lead to decreased employee illness claims, maximize productivity and increase incomes for the business.

The methods trained in en’ wave program are suitable for any and every type of business, service, regardless of size. The methods are easily trained, immediately applicable in the work place and do not require any equipment or specialized gear.

en’ wave is a technique that begins by properly utilizing the simple act of breathing. It takes minimal time to learn and minutes to apply. The results of the program give employees the tools and emotional support they need to succeed, while at the same time, helping businesses strengthen the wellness of the workforce.

en’ wave training can be conducted on site at any business, thereby allowing employees to learn in their daily work environment.Typically, a personal coach conducts the training in groups in weekly sessions or workshops. However, the en’ wave program can be customized to meet the needs and special considerations and requirements of any organization.

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