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The Spirit of the Breath – Christiane Poupel

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Conscious breathing, full, free and rhythmic, awakens the Consciousness that lies within us in the very heart of our cells.

There is a very simple and sophisticated way to decode our inner mystery: free the diaphragm to liberate the Light within us and see its immense power of transformation and transmutation at cellular level.

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Universal Harmony and the Science of Numbers – Christiane Poupel

In her new book, Christiane Poupel invites us to rediscover and consciously use the high and simple philosophy of the Universal Laws of Harmony in our daily lives.

For this, Christiane leans on the practical and inspiring support of the Science of Numbers.
Christiane’s mission is to show how we can all open the doors to the Self in our everyday lives and become the people we truly need and deserve to be…and to accomplish this in ordinary, practical ‘earthly’ ways, yet still achieve outstanding results. It helps us reach our highest destiny Today.

In it you will discover:
• The synthesis of Eastern Philosophies
• The Four initiatory virtues as the way to transform our personal vibrations.
• The theory and personal practice of the Science of Numbers
• Man’s energetic constitution