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en’wave and chiropractic

offers an opportunity for both chiropractor and patient to take a more responsive role in attaining a greater level of health and quality of living thru this integrated instructional program.

The en’wave training can be very beneficial in managing physical pain and other tension related problems by building an awareness of what stressors are and how to alleviate the tensions brought into the body; structurally, physiologically and thru the emotions and mental connections.

The amelioration of both short and long term effects of stress can develop the patient into a more knowledgeable and responsible participant in their conservation of health and future of well being.

en’wave training enables patients to self-regulate their own responses thru building a stronger physical stance, a calmer and focused mind and by the use of the breath to release disharmony within themselves and to respond more effectively to situations, safeguarding the future.

For patients who use en’ wave techniques to maintain awareness, clarity, control and inner tranquility during times of stress and conflict, it can mean the difference between health and disease.

Long-Term Effects

The long-term effects of en’ wave are seen in improved vitality of patients, enhanced immunity and organ functions, changes to their disposition and quality of daily life.
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