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en’ wave offers 5 keys

– an appropriate physical 
posture in order to connect with your inner force and to better deal with life and with others.

– an unlocking 
of diaphragmatic breathing in order to remove from the body all stress, tension and stagnant negative energy.

– a correct alignment body, mind and spirit

– a training in concentration-relaxation
 that will balance the nervous system and stabilise the mind, rendering it clear and creative.

– an active and subtle discernment, in the now

A correct alignment of body, mind and spirit to evolve the conscious bridging of the personality with soul energy (antahkarana).

en’wave is a compilation of the essence of gigong, tibetan yoga, sophrology and Zen techniques developed into a simple and yet sophisticated universal tool. It enlightens our mind and heart to create a full awareness in the moment (mindfulness)

is not only a new yoga but a new martial art – one conscious posture and attitude –
to reach excellence in the management of our daily lives.